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LOTTA LAMPA : (b. 1981) designer and artist, based in Kalix, Norrbotten, Sweden. Educated at Beckmans Design College in Stockholm and International Design Academy by Luxury Living Group, Forli, Italy. Lampa operates in an international arena and is one of a few designers from Norrbotten, in the north of Sweden who have shown her designs at Salone de Mobile in Milan on several occasions, as well as at the London Design Fair, Chart Art Fair & Design Copenhagen and Stockholm Design Week.

Lotta Lampa’s aesthetics are challenging and refer to both postmodernism and Swedish subculture ”raggarkultur” (related to American vintage cars of the 50’s and 60’s) and are balanced with the calm nature of the north Sweden. Lampa’s design process consists of sharp lines, humor, inspiration from the garage and everyday life.

The objects are sketched quickly and large, preferably directly in the material. Manufacturing is then done by hand in close collaboration with her father and brother working with vintage cars in Kalix. A sustainable craft, where origin, cooperation and community are important and highly valued.

In 2021, Lampa participated in SVT’s series Designhistorier, where an episode portrayed Lotta Lampa and Greta Magnusson Grossman. Lampa’s works has been shown in well-known Swedish interior design magazines such as Residence, Form, ELLE, Konstnären and Plaza Deco. Lampa is also mentioned in the latest edition of the book ”Moderna Antikviteter” by Jane Fredlund, ISBN 978-91-7469-162-7 2016.